Poker code of conduct

  1. Poker table seating is subject to the Poker Room seating criteria displayed. Seating disputes will be resolved at the discretion of the Poker Pit Supervisor.
  2. A Player may only put their own name on to the Poker seating list.
  3. Players must speak English when games are in progress.
  4. There is no talking while a hand is in progress.
  5. A player must not use bad or offensive language.
  6. No player may act in an aggressive, abusive or intimidating manner towards staff or other players.
  7. Card or chip abuse is unacceptable. Cards or chips thrown forcibly or with malice that leave the table or hit the Dealer will result in exclusion from the Poker Pit.
  8. Contact of Staff should be of a verbal nature only.
  9. Intoxicated or overly boisterous behaviour will not be tolerated.
  10. All players will act in their own self-interest.
  11. Players shall not give other players chips from their table stake.
  12. Players wishing to rejoin the same game less than 2 hours after leaving must reinstate their table stake to the full amount.
  13. A player missing in excess of one round of play will forfeit their seat and their chips will be picked up and secured in the float.
  14. No use of electronic equipment is permitted while seated at a table, which includes but is not limited to mobile phones and smart watches.
  15. Mobile phones must not be used whilst seated at a table. This includes having the phone in plain view or on a person’s lap. Should a player need to use their phone, they must be at least two metres away from the edge of the table
  16. Cards and chips must remain in clear view of the Dealer and other players at all times.
  17. A single high denomination chip thrown toward the dealer without any indication of a raise will be taken as a call.
  18. If all bets are matched at the showdown, a player may request that any cards shown to another player will be exposed for all players to see.