The goal

No matter what version you’re playing, the basic goal  of all poker is to simply achieve the best five-card hand and beat the other players to win the combined wagers. Hand rankings are listed in the back of this guide.

Getting started

To find a place at a table,  speak to the poker supervisor. They will be able to advise you of the games being played, the betting limits and the availability of seats. The supervisor will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have about Casino Canberra Poker, the games, or the casino in general.

To make Poker at Casino Canberra as welcoming as possible, we display our poker etiquette. Take the time to have a quick read, and you’ll be playing like the pros in no time!


Far and away the most popular poker variant, players compete against each other, with the Dealer acting as host. The Casino takes a percentage of the winnings.

Hold’em uses a standard 52 card deck..

How to play

  1. The game is played in rounds with each player first receiving two cards face down..
  2. Players then make a bet based on the potential of their hand. Other players may choose to meet the value of the bet, raise it, or fold.
  3. Once the betting round is concluded, the Dealer will turn three cards face up in the centre of the table. This is called ‘the flop’.
  4. Players may now make additional bets based on how strong their hand is when including the three centre cards.
  5. Rounds continue with a fourth and fifth card being placed face up in the centre and bets being made accordingly.
  6. After the fifth card is turned face up players may either fold and forfeit their bets, or reveal their hands and choose any of the seven total cards (their initial two plus the five community cards) to make their five-card hand.
  7. The player with the strongest hand wins the entire combined wagers of all players from that round, known as the pot.

Practice your poker face! Winning a hand of hold ‘em is achieved by either obtaining the highest ranking hand or by bluffing to make the other players think that you do!

Hand rankings

Royal flush


Straight flush


Four of a kind


Full house






Three of a kind


Two pair




High card