Canberra Poker

Canberra Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck and offers a simpler alternative to the usual more intense poker games. Like some of the more traditional table games, all cards are dealt in one round and players directly compete against the Dealer.

How to play

  1. After placing an initial stake (ante) in the marked  area, players receive five cards face down.
  2. The Dealer receives four cards face down and one face up.
  3. You can now pick up your cards and make the decision to bet, by placing a wager equal to double your ante, or to fold. If you fold, your ante is lost, and your cards are removed from play.
  4. Once all players have acted, the Dealer reveals their hand:
    • — If the Dealer’s hand does not have an Ace and  a King or higher, the Dealer does not ‘qualify’ and they will immediately pay out all antes at 1:1.
    • — If they do qualify, the Dealer compares your hand to theirs. If you beat the Dealer’s hand, your bet is paid at the odds determined by the hand (see table below) and the ante is paid even money.
    • — If the Dealer wins, you lose both ante and bet.
    • — If there’s a tie, all bets and antes are returned to players.
  5. Cards are shuffled and a new round of play begins.

Hand rankings and payout odds

Royal flush — 250:1


Straight flush — 50:1


Four of a kind — 20:1


Full house — 7:1


Flush — 5:1


Straight — 4:1


Three of a kind — 3:1


Two pair — 2:1


Pair —1:1


High card — 1:1


Initial ante 1:1


Note: All winning bets will only be payed up to the maximum payout displayed on each table.

Progressive Jackpot

One of the great appeals of Canberra Poker is the Progressive Jackpot. To be eligible, you must place a wager in the space provided before any cards are dealt. Wagers in the Progressive Jackpot form part of the overall jackpot prize pool.

The following hands qualify for a Progressive Jackpot payout at the indicated values:

Royal Flush100% of the jackpot prize pool
Straight Flush10% of the jackpot prize pool
Four of a Kind$1,250
Full House$375