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Mini Baccarat Tournament

Feb - Mar
18 - 17


  • Tuesday 18th February 2020
  • Tuesday 17th March 2020


  • 7:00pm – Learn to play
  • 7:30pm – Tournament begins


  • Registration location & time: VIP Host Desk by 19:00.
  • Only persons eligible to enter the Casino and who are Infinity Rewards program members are eligible to enter a Tournament.
  • Entries are non-transferable.

Entry fee: 

  • Free entry for all eligible Infinity Program members.


  • Minimum of 10/Maximum of 100 players for each tournament.
  • Participants must be present at the tournament area 15 mins prior to the start
  • The seating chart will be determined by the number of tournament entries
  • Each player will receive $1,000 chips in first round, $2,000 in for semi-final round and $4,000 in tournament chips for the final.
  • Round one will consist of 7 hands, the semi-final of 7 hands and final 10 hands.

Prize Pool:

  • Each tournament prize pool will be worth $3,000, which shall be distributed as follows:
Place Prize
1st $1,500 Cash
2nd $1,000 Cash
3rd $500 Cash

Terms and Conditions available at the VIP Host Desk.