Sic Bo is played with three six-sided dice and is Casino Canberra’s only dice game. Because Sic Bo is offered as one of our Multi Terminal digital table games, a live Dealer will manage the dice with players making bets at their own personal terminal. While the following guide is written in respect to our Multi Terminal setup, the basic rules of Sic Bo can apply anywhere the game is played.

The goal

The goal of Sic Bo is simple: bet on your predicted total outcome of three dice. There are dozens of variations and conditions available to bet on.

How to play

  1. After getting set up at your chosen player terminal to play Sic Bo (see our Getting started with Multi Terminal Table Games guide for more information) simply place any number of different bets directly on the relevant sections of the game table. See overleaf for an explanation of possible wagers.
  2. Different sections of the table have different minimum and maximum bets. Each section will automatically stop allowing further bets to be placed once the maximum is reached.
  3. During play, the Dealer will activate the Dice Tumbler, mixing up the dice. After the Wagering Period is over, the results of the roll will be announced based on the three uppermost faces and displayed on your screen.
  4. After the roll, any of your wagers that matched a number—or specific combination of numbers—on the resulting dice will be paid out automatically at the odds listed below, and any losing chips will be removed.

Fun fact: Sic Bo odds in Australia are the best anywhere in the world.

Bets and Odds

The Sic Bo table has many betting options and most are represented by pictures that make them easy to understand.

Like roulette, the simplest bets in Sic Bo are even money bets, which cover half of all possible results (except any triples). In Sic Bo, these are the Small and Big bets and pay 1-to-1 on wins.

You can make many different bets each round and several bets can win and lose during the one roll. Example: Three separate bets placed on 9, Triple 3, and Small will all win if three 3’s are rolled.
Just remember you’ll also lose any chipsthat don’t win.

The graphs below display all bets and their odds, as well as their position on the table.

  Name Wins if Odds

Small the total of the 3 dice is from 4 to 10 inclusive, with the exception of a triple where the wager shall lose 1 to 1

Big the total of the 3 dice is from 11 to 17 inclusive, with the exception of a triple where the wager shall lose 1 to 1

Specific Triples all 3 dice show the same nominated number – e.g. 333 180 to 1

Specific Doubles at least 2 of the 3 dice show the same nominated number – e.g. 224 11 to 1

Any Triple each of the 3 dice show the same number, regardless of what that number is – e.g. 111, 555, or 222 31 to 1

Three Dice Totals the total of the 3 dice corresponds to the nominated number  
  4 or 17   62 to 1
  5 or 16   31 to 1
  6 or 15   18 to 1
  7 or 14   12 to 1
  8 or 13   8 to 1
  9 or 12   7 to 1
  10 or 11   6 to 1

Two Dice Combinations 2 of the 3 dice show the nominated numbers – e.g. 1&2, 3&6, 4&5 6 to 1

Single Die Bet 1, 2 or 3 dice show the nominated number  
  Number on one Die   1 to 1
  Number on two Dice   2 to 1
  Number on three Dice   12 to 1


When you’ve finished playing, simply choose the Cash Out option to collect your Player Chip ticket, which can be redeemed at the Cash Desk.