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Scratch & Win

Commences at 12:00pm on Friday, 1 December 2017 Ends at 10:00pm on Sunday 31 December 2017

Grand Draw Date: Sunday, 31 December 2017 at 11pm

Scratch & Win details:

Patron(s) with on-day gaming activity may present his/her membership card at the VIP Host desk to redeem a scratch card daily.

  Additional scratch cards may be redeemed for five hundred (500) points.

  There is no limit to how many additional scratch cards can be redeemed per person.

  The total prize pool of the Scratch cards will be $18,750.

  The total number of Scratch cards available is 2,000 and each scratch card will contain a prize as stated below:




            Non- Negotiable Promotional Chip voucher (40)


            David Jones Gift Cards (250)


            Non- Negotiable Promotional Chip voucher (150)


            Natural Nine Dinning Voucher (50)


            50% off 2 Natural Nine ‘9 Dish Roulette table Banquet’ Voucher (100)


            1 Free Cocktail from the Chandelier Bar (150)


            1 Free ‘Kong Fu Noodle’ dish from Natural Nine(50)


            1 Free Night Accommodation at Crowne Plaza Hotel Voucher (10)


            1 Free Entry to the ‘Scratch and Win’ Grand Draw (1,200)

All scratch cards prizes must be claimed before 31 January 2018.

Grand Draw Details:

Participants who win a grand draw ticket from a scratch card will be eligible to enter the grand draw.

Six lucky winners will be drawn on 31 December at 11pm.

Selected participant must present themselves within 3 minutes of their name and membership number being announced.

If a selected participant does not present themselves during the presentation period, redraw will occur.

Each of the six (6) validly drawn winners will then proceed, one at a time in the order in which they were drawn, to select one envelope from a pool of six (6) individual envelopes. Each envelope will contain their prize.

The total prize pool for the ‘Grand draw’ will be up $12,090.




        $2,018 Cash (5)


        One Free Night Accommodation at Jamala Wildlife Lodge (1)