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Blackjack Tournament

Jan - Jun
1 - 15


  • 16th February 2019
  • 13th April 2019
  • 15th June 2019

Time: 4pm (Print cut-off 3:30pm)


  • Registration location: Reception Desk
  • Eligible participant must present a valid ID at the registration 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament session, for registration and seat assignment.

Entry fee: 

  • $50, or for the first 30 player to pre-register up until the day before the tournament (and only applicable to players paying cash for entry fees), $30;
  • 5,000 Infinity Program points ; or
  • Free entry for Infinity Program members who have been invited to participate in the tournament on a ‘free entry’ basis (subject to management approval of the invitation).


  • Minimum of 10/ Maximum of 100 players.
  • Participants must be present at the tournament area 15min prior to the start
  • The seating chart will be determined by the number of Tournament entries
  • Each player will receive $1,000 chips in first round, $2,000 in for semi-final round and $4,000 in tournament chips for the final.
  • Round one will consist of 7 hands, the semi-final of 10 hands and final 15 hands.
  • If less than 15 players there will be no semi-final
  • There will be no perfect pairs betting
Table Limit / Round Minimum Maximum
Preliminary Round $10 $500
Semi- Final Round $20 $1,000
Final Round $100 No-Limit

Prize Pool:

Place Prize
1st $2,500 Cash
2nd $1,000 Cash
3rd $500 Single Bet Promotional Chips
4th $500 Single Bet Promotional Chips
5th $500 Single Bet Promotional Chips

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